Thursday, 28 July 2016


Sustain and Improve
Strengthening the links between CarillionAmey and its customers
CarillionAmey are working more closely with Warrant officers to improve customer service, which is resulting in positive feedback.
Warrant Officers are experts in their fields. They’ve lived and breathed Service life for many years and understand the difficulties that Service living can bring. Within the Housing environment, certain Warrant Officers are highly trained to offer housing welfare support to members of the Armed Forces and their families. In the Army, these are the Military Housing Liaison Officers; in the RAF, the Station Community Support Officers; and in the Navy, the Base Warrant Officers.
These Warrant Officers (WOs) are an integral part of the housing service and are there to act as a point of contact for Service families who may be going through a difficult time. On the whole, most families move in, out or live in their Service properties without any issues at all, but for some families this isn’t always the case. Some Service personnel or members of their family may have a disability that makes living in their home more difficult or perhaps they are trying to deal with anti-social neighbours who are making their lives stressful. That’s where the WOs can step in. They work closely with our local CarillionAmey staff and our team at occupancy services to ensure that these families are given the extra assistance they need. By working together, we can ensure that families are given the right support and the right advice.
John Reynolds, Military Housing Liaison Officer in the North said “My role is to act as a ‘go between’ for CarillionAmey and local families. CarillionAmey’s occupancy services team always help as much as they can over the telephone, but sometimes personal interaction is needed. In these cases, myself and a CarillionAmey representative will visit the family in their home. By working together we can ensure that the families understand how things work, and what they can expect in terms of service delivery”.

CarillionAmey recognises the value of working closely with these WOs, especially in more complex cases. By drawing on their guidance and support, we can be confident that the housing decisions we make are the right ones for Service families. Strengthening the links we have with them will mean that families will benefit from better communication and improvements in service delivery.